Elevate the dining experience with seamless ordering via QR code.

Deliver a mouthwatering experience to customers before they even enter your restaurant with a stunning digital menu they can access anytime, anywhere. Put the best dishes at your guests' fingertips and make ordering effortless with Issuu’s powerful QR code-generating capabilities. Bring the week’s specials to life with embedded Video, dynamic GIFs, and auto-detected Links –– all with our one-click menu creator.

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Attract more customers with a modern, interactive menu.

Say goodbye to outdated paper menus and hello to an impressive dining experience for guests with a dynamic digital menu. Our platform makes it easy to deliver interactive and distraction-free ordering, putting your culinary masterpieces front and center with Fullscreen Sharing and no-code Embedding. With the ability to update your menu in real-time, it’s easy to showcase seasonal offers, price changes, and combo deals –– even amidst the nightly dinner rush. Generate buzz and keep customers updated across all channels with GIFs and Social Posts.

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Boost orders, bookings, and appetites with no-code embedding.

Let your food be seen by more people. Embed your restaurant menu, bar menu, or catering menu directly on your website by simply copying the auto-generated code and pasting it into your website builder or blog. Paired with Fullscreen Sharing, viewers will be compelled to book a table or place an order. Turn one-time visitors into regular customers by matching the design of your menu with your brand using our wide range of customization capabilities.

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Maximize returns and prioritize safety with minimal contact.

Bring safety and innovation to the table with a contactless digital menu that puts customers at ease. Quick to update and customize, a no-touch menu will increase customer satisfaction and brand recall. Cater to your customers' unique needs and preferences by adding in detailed information about allergens, food categories, and diet-specific options.

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Make your restaurant shine with powerful marketing assets.

Put your restaurant on everyone’s must-eat map by repurposing your menu the right way. Create eye-catching Social Posts and stories that will bring in more customers, and spread the word about the latest events, deals, and promotions across all channels. Drive engagement with our powerful newsletter creator and give your customers a taste of new menu additions with enticing GIFs.

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Get inspired by other menus on Issuu.

Watch how to generate a QR code for your flipbook.

Steps for how to create a digital restaurant menu:

  1. Upload your restaurant menu as a .pdf, .doc, .docx, or .ppt document, or import your files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive.

  2. Watch your static document automatically be transformed into a digital flipbook.

  3. Add photos, videos, and links to make your menu interactive and dynamic. 

  4. Add your virtual menu to your restaurant’s website with the Embed feature.

  5. Grow your audience and promote your restaurant! Make your menu mobile-friendly by using our Articles feature. Pull stories from anywhere in your menu and easily turn them into their own mobile-optimized articles. You can also use this feature to pull sections from your menu or promote specials and deals.

  6. Improve the customer experience by using our Fullscreen feature to create an immersive reading experience.

Restaurant Menu FAQs:

  • Design your virtual menu with the same mindset as a hard copy menu. Keep descriptions short and concise but with enough detail to be enticing. The menu creator makes it easy to create separate sections for appetizers, main courses, desserts, etc. Remember, when you use our free menu maker you are free to experiment with all aspects since it can be changed at any time with the click of a button.

  • Our free menu maker lets you design with ease. When designing a virtual menu it is important to create mood and ambiance by selecting appropriate visuals and layouts. This includes background color, image placement, and font. When designing your background, less is usually more. You want to ensure that your menu is still the main focus of the page.

  • Always incorporate what makes your restaurant’s cuisine unique. The menu creator is so versatile, you have more options than ever. Don’t forget to note clear pricing, food allergens, vegetarian/vegan options, and any special time it might take to create a dish (e.g., deep dish pizza can take 45 minutes)! Try to highlight the aspects of your food that keep your customers coming back for more.

  • When you use a virtual menu creator it couldn’t be easier to make your menu stand out in the crowd. Use high quality images of food and drinks or even a video greeting from the Chef de Cuisine. A virtual menu allows you to try new things you never thought of because, unlike a traditional menu, it is not written in permanent ink. Have fun with it!

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