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Issuu instantly converts your content into an interactive flipbook, streamlining your publishing, hosting, and distribution workflow. Simply upload a PDF and see how much further your files can go.

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Create an immersive experience online by turning your files into interactive digital flipbooks.

Whether you want to publish a monthly magazine, resources for a cause, travel guidebooks, or property listings, you’ll deliver the best virtual reading experience with interactive online flipbooks.

Embed each piece of content directly to your website, seamlessly integrating with your branding. Use our fullscreen sharing feature to turn your digital flipbooks into their own web page where your audience can turn virtual pages, click on links, watch videos, and easily share your content with others.

Women reviewing blueprint plans and dekstop view of an architecture flipbook.

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Frequently asked questions

  • To create a digital flipbook with Issuu, all you need is a file that’s ready to share. Select your PDF (or one of these files). Learn more on our Help Center page.

  • Create your designs using InDesign, then publish and share with the world using the Issuu Publish plugin to transform them into high-quality digital flipbooks. Learn more on our Help Center page.

  • Create digital flipbooks using your favorite Canva designs. Simply use the Issuu integration from your Canva workspace and upload your creations in a few clicks. Learn how on our Help Center page.

  • A digital flipbook works by using HTML5 technology to create an interactive book-like rendering on a webpage or mobile application. Simply put, it takes your scrolling PDF or .doc file, and outputs a digital flipping book with pages you can turn. From there you can add additional information (like shopping links, embedded videos, clickable table of contents, etc.) for a more interactive experience.

  • Turn your static PDF into a comprehensive marketing asset by adding videos, links, and immersing the reader with the Fullscreen feature. Turn your flipbook into an animated GIF to give your audience a preview of what’s inside. We make it simple to go from static to magic!

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